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Beach RIdes

Our most popular rides, watch the sunset from a new perspective with Amelia Island Horseback Riding.

There’s nothing more spectacular than the changing colors of the sky as the day comes to an end. Vibrant hues of cotton candy pink, fiery orange, and golden yellow paint the bright blue sky and reflect a mirrored image over the water.

Sunset Rides

60 Minutes, Pricing Varies

Enjoy the Amelia Island sunset with our most popular ride. Meander along the scenic sandy beach as the day comes to an end.

End the Perfect Day with Sunset Beach Rides.

Riding horses on the beach is a bucket list item for many, add in the warm golden sky as the day comes to an end and its sure to be a magical experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing a sunset on the beach while out riding. 

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We have been fulfilling dreams of horse lovers for almost 30 years. With this long history on the island, we have become the premier experience for horseback riding on Amelia Island.

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